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about me.

Thank you for following your appetite this way.

I’m Sasha Mizuno.


Though my heritage is Scandinavian Irish, my last name is a nod to my very first lover, a Japanese warrior. I love to share my stories of travels across the globe. Along with globetrotting, I picked up a few degrees in business, education, politics science and language, with a sustained ability to find joy in snowflakes and watching football. 


By day, I manage projects for large corporations. By night, I pursue the spicier side of life with you, in the hotel of your choice as I am an out-call only playmate.

Exploring time together can be an art form as I create an ambience of intimacy wherever that may be. You will always have my full attention, whether it be a prolonged get together or a quickie to quicken your step. I may be one of those rare providers that finds all kinds of interactions exciting and climactic ;)

Sasha Mizuno 14.JPG

My personal interests lie in the physical realm. I am trained in Tantra, Restorative Yoga, and Deep Tissue Massage. I have taught men and women in adult classes around the world about the importance of following the intuition of the body; exploring everything from multiple orgasms, fantasy explorations, and female water works. These pursuits have taught me that intimacy and connection take many forms.


From the moment we connect by email to our rendezvous,

I will curate a fulfilling experience for you. 



Sasha Mizuno

MBA, BEd(mate), BA Politics, BA Language

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