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I promise you have never met a girl like me before. I invented YES Days. Dress me up or dress me down, I guarantee we could have the most fun you have ever had. I look just as good in Lululemon’s as I do in a dress. Let’s discuss all the fun you’d like to have in this lifetime.


Would you like an elegantly dressed socialite to hold conversation? Would you like someone to celebrate the good work of an organization you support at their annual Charity Gala?


I spoke at the UN, have given speeches to crowds of thousands and present regularly in my daytime job.


I can bring a dull environment to a state of conversational intrigue. I have hosted charitable events in the arts and sports industries and I understand and relate to demographics of attendees at any type of charitable function.



Theatre, Opera, Concerts, Festivals or Comedy


Do you love symphonies? I actually love classical, baroque and contemporary compositions. I have seen operas in Russia, Australia, Europe, Canada and the USA. 

Have you ever dreamt of attending an electronic music festival but wasn’t connected with the right crowd of people you trust? I have been in the VIP sections of festivals, and also navigated backwood, jungle festivals in the middle of nowhere in Central America. I can show you the ways to fun!


Is your favourite band in a nearby city? Let’s go! I’ll crank up their albums on repeat and sing along, but I won’t embarrass you, don’t worry.



I look cute in a baseball cap and I can dork out on sports statistics.


I won't embarrass you with my love of sports and I dress appropriately for the occasion. I can be the loudest fan in the crowd or be the pretty, arm candy to schmooze with in the private box. I have done it all and I love it all.


You won’t find a more engaging, sports-loving, totally rad female for a home or away game. From Cricket to Aussie Rules, and every North American sport in between, I have attended championships all over the world. Tell me your favourite team, and I’ll learn all about them!

Want to jump off a zipline or go rock climbing? I'm not afraid of heights and love the outdoors as much as being cozy in bed. 

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